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Green New Deal for Toledo

Several people have asked me to wait until after college to run for City Council or wait to run at large. I know time is of the essence. Climate scientists have given the world 11 years to prevent the worst of climate disruption. The time is now for future generations to make changes at the local level to protect our drinking water and switch to renewable energies. For my kids and yours, this needs to be done today!

Below are the issues I stand by:


Lake Erie & Our Drinking Water

As a member of Toledoans for Safe Water who fought hard with my children to pass the Lake Erie Bill of Rights (LEBOR), I will continue to be a voice on council to support LEBOR and call out officials who refuse to support the citizens protecting the drinking water and holding polluters responsible. While knocking on doors in District 2, family after family stated they refused to use the tap water other than for cleaning. Toledo families in District 2 are resorting to bottled water for drinking and cooking. Toledoans need to feel safe drinking from the tap. 

I will help connect low income families in District 2 with resources like faucet filters to reduce the reliance on bottled water which uses fossil fuels in the making of the plastic bottles and contributes to Toledo's plastic waste and climate problem. 

Green Energy & Green Jobs

Toledo can join with other states and cities who have continued to honor their commitment to climate action, taking it further with the Green Party's Green New Deal. Pledging to reach 100% renewable energy by 2030. We can achieve this goal by relying on green energy like solar and wind. I envision a community owned solar power field within District 2 which would bring in jobs and income to Toledo's District 2 neighborhoods. This can be done by purchasing "brown fields" and converting them into green fields complete with solar panels and native flowers.

District 2 Toledo also faces a plastic waste issue. I will advocate plastic reduction methods. I also envision a worker run recycling center within the district which will provide training and jobs to our district neighborhoods. This will further reduce plastic waste and bring sustainable jobs to Toledo. I also envision bringing innovation to Toledo, inviting industry to come to District 2 and invest in using our plastic waste to manufacture items for use and sale in our neighborhoods. 

Leaf pick up has also been an issue for District 2 residents. I envision a worker run composting business in our district's neighborhoods for leaves. These leaves can be used for compost on urban and community gardens, which I highly support. 

I will work to attain grants and investors for these projects. 

Progressive Stance

As an ecosocialist, I will encourage investment in Toledo and innovative thinking, keeping the ecosystem in mind at all times, refusing corporate donations and money.

- I will work with local groups to reach my goals and lead Toledo into progressive change.

- I will hold elected officials responsible both fiscally and ethically.

- I will address underlying problems that cause crime, like poverty, underemployment, and hunger so families can live in security.

- I will demand ethical accountability from law enforcement and fair treatment to all citizens and work to weed out racial issues.

- I support a person's right to choose reproductive health and body autonomy.

- I suport LGBTQ rights and equal treatment.

- I support healthcare for all and medical marijuana use and legislation.

- I support Toledo becoming a sanctuary city to protect migrants. I call for ICE to be abolished and will act as a guard for people of color. No human is illegal or should be held in concentration camps.


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