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Stefania Czech for Toledo City Council  District 2

Vote for Stefania Sept 10th at your local precinct in District 2, to get her through to the November Ballot!

Welcome to the official site of Stefania Czech for Toledo City Council. Stefania is a progressive ecosocialist, fighting to protect the people of Toledo, our water, Lake Erie,  and the environment. Stefania is the endorsed Green Party Candidate.   

Tune in for upcoming events, and be sure to Czech out the "Czech In" News section. Stefania is running  grassroots campaign with no Pac or corporate monies. Please donate to the campaign, and let's bring the Green New Deal to Toledo.

Paid for by: Czech For Toledo. A grassroots campaign paid for by the people, not corporations.
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The Campaign Kicks Off

June 22, 2019 5p.m. Highland Park, South Toledo

Join us for a fun evening! We will be picking up litter around the park form 5-6, and from 6-8 we will have free food and a chance to meet the candidate and hear her speak. 
Email czech4toledo@gmail.com with any questions!



2347 Parkwood Ave

Toledo, Lucas County 43620